Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wellness is More Than Dollars and Cents

Many in the benefits industry are saying that wellness doesn't end up saving money on health insurance premiums, and they are right, in many cases. But wellness programs done right, with employer buy-in, employee buy-in, and a healthy dose of fun can make a big impact in the employees lives at the very least.  Whether or not health care premiums or utilization rates and dollars are impacted is debatable, but making the employees happy and healthy has intangible benefits that are no less important.  One city in Colorado implemented different contests throughout the year, worked with their parks dept, and partnered with the local hospital to work on wellness on all fronts.
“About two-thirds of all our employees participated,” said City Clerk Linda Smith. “It was a great success.”  Spearheading the campaign, Smith explained that employees worked together in rotating three-member teams to help keep them motivated throughout the year. She said dietary lectures from hospital officials, cholesterol screenings from health department officials and exercise programs designed by park officials were all key to making the program successful.