Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Watch Out E-Cig Users!!

The tide has already turned against tobacco use in America.  It took decades for smoking to lose it's appeal, then longer to legislate and tax cigarettes into disuse.  Now, e-cigarettes are coming under fire.  I predict that it won't take nearly as long for "vapes" and e-cigs to be done in. Look at what Tupelo, Mississippi has done...   Tupelo-city-council-passes-e-cigarette-ban.  So, it's not going to take long for this to catch on.  We expect New York and LA to lead the way banning "fun" but definitely unhealthy things, and they have.  But when lesser known places like Tupelo jump on the bandwagon the trend is clear.  Banning e-cig's at the house is already here, too.  In a way, I feel sorry for cigarette smokers, but as we increasingly have to pay for everyone else's mistakes healthwise, this blow against tobacco use is a good thing.

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